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Vitramed Bougie Dilators

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Category: Accessories

Vitramed offers single use oesophageal dilators in a range of sizes from 5mm through to 20mm in diameter.

Our bougies are clearly marked at 1cm intervals for optimum accuracy and carry a radio-opaque marker.

Vitramed bougies are a low cost alternative to reusable oesophageal dilators, removing the hassle and expense of reprocessing.

Bougie Dilator
Size 05 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-005
Size 06 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-006
Size 07 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-007
Size 08 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-008
Size 09 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-009
Size 10 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-0010
Size 11 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-011
Size 12 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-012
Size 13 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-013
Size 14 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-014
Size 15 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-015
Size 16 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-016
Size 17 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-017
Size 18 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-018
Size 19 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-019
Size 20 (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-DDL-020
Single Use Guidewire for Bougie Dilators
Guidewire with markings 2000mm
Code: VIT-SUE-GDW-000
Guidewire with markings 2400mm
Code: VIT-SUE-GDW-002

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