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Endotics System Robotic Endoscope

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The Endotics system has been in development for over a decade and through a process of research, industry consultation and continuous improvement, has delivered a ground breaking product which provides a completely novel approach to colonoscopy, conferring multiple benefits over and above traditional colonoscopy.

The Endotics system consists of a small workstation connected to a disposable probe which is self-propelled and controlled by a joystick.

The procedure is painless as the probe propels itself along, following the contours of the colon, without the need for pushing. This in turn, reduces the risk of perforation and enables completion of colonoscopy in cases where previous colonoscopies may have failed.

The probe is equipped with a 3mm channel allowing biopsy and polypectomy to be performed in most cases. The head of the probe is capable of 360 degree rotation allowing enhanced visualisation and polyp detection.

Features of the Endotics System:

  • Painless – no need for sedation. This reduces the length of overall procedure time as there is no time taken in recovery as well as nursing and anaesthesia costs. It is also more convenient for patients as they are able to drive home and/or resume work on the day of their procedure.
  • Disposable – probe is single use. This saves the costs associated with reprocessing and provides a further option for situation where highly infectious organisms are involved
Endotics System Probe
Single Unit
Code: END-SYS-PRB-001
Endotics System Workstation
Single Unit
Code: END-SYS-WKS-001

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