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Vitramed Precision Clip Endoscopic Hemoclip

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Category: Haemostasis

Endoscopic Hemoclip for Vessel Ligation

The new Precision Hemoclip combines robust holding strength with a new level of clip placement control.

This clip offers genuine one-to-one rotation, controllable at the port and performs in tight loops. The clip can be repositioned repeatedly prior to deployment, which is simple and instinctive without requiring excessive force.

Benefits include:

  • One-to-one rotation, even in tight loops.
  • Repositionable – clip can be opened and closed multiple times prior to final deployment.
  • Handle locks after deployment leaving the tip smooth (without a hook), avoiding damage to scope or tissue after releasing clips.
  • Release system is sensitive and intuitive and does not require excessive force to effect clip deployment.


Working Length 2300mm
Required Channel ≥ 2.8mm diameter
Jaw Opening 11mm or 16mm
Units per Box 5 units
Rebate Code VM002
Precision Clip Endoscopic Hempclip
11mm Jaw Opening Precision Clip (Box of 5)
Code: VIT-SUE-HCL-011
16mm Jaw Opening Precision Clip (Box of 5)
Code: VIT-SUE-HCL-016

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