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Secco Faecal Management System by Prosys

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Category: Continence Care

Faecal incontinence is a distressing problem for the patient and a priority for healthcare professionals who need to balance maintaining patient dignity, risk of cross infection and prevention of skin damage.

SECCO FMS is a closed catheter system for the management of episodic faecal incontinence of liquid and semi-liquid faeces.

The system offers innovative features over and above competitors in that it contains a patented superabsorbent pad designed to effectively bind contaminated liquid stool to help prevent infectious spills or splashes during collection, maintenance and disposal. In addition, the system comes standard with extra-large 1.5L collection bags.

This, in addition to its innovative design, helps to ensure not only a step up in patient comfort but also excellent value for money for your facility.

Benefits for Patients & Carers:

  • Reduces skin breakdown and development of pressure ulcers
  • Helps prevent spread of infection for patients and staff
  • Less risk of complications that can extend length of hospital stay
  • Protects wounds, surgical sites, and burns
  • Controls odour and improves patient comfort
  • Reduces the cost of managing faecal incontinence
  • Restores patient dignity

The SECCO System is sold as a kit containing a silicone catheter tube with a silicone inflation cuff and irrigation port, a mounting plate for attaching the collection bag, a 45ml syringe, three filter collection bags with 1.5 litre capacity containing a superabsorbent pad and odour control apparatus, a clip and a beaded strap for hanging the lower end of the device from the hospital bed.

Secco +T Fecal Management System
Secco +T (Single Kit)
Secco FMS Pouches
Collection Pouch Pack (Pack of 10 Pouches)

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