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Vortek ENDODRAPE™ Colonoscopy Containment System

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Category: Accessories

The ENDODRAPE® maintains a safer environment for patients, physicians, staff, and the facility by reducing contact transmission of contamination during the procedure.

Traditionally used barriers such as linens, towels or other small disposables are used as the sole method for contamination control and leave other areas (rails, mattresses, and surrounding linens) exposed throughout the procedure. Such contamination can be readily spread after the patient is moved to recovery.

The ENDODRAPE® system serves to not only better contain contamination but is also as an economical and rapid solution to streamline cleaning after a procedure.

Two styles are available, one containing a scope guard or barrier between the physician and the scope and one without. Both styles feature double pockets to provide storage for used instruments without the need to remove them from the field.

Colonoscopy with Scope Guard
Code: Code: VTK-EDR-LWR-SG1
Colonoscopy without Scope Guard
Code: Code: VTK-EDR-LWR-NG1

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