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Vitramed Cleaning Brushes

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Category: Accessories

Vitramed cleaning brushes offer reliability and consistent performance and are robust enough to resist bending and/or buckling under pressure yet still represent great value. They can be packed individually or made into kits upon request.

Long Brush (Double Ended) Specifications

  • Catheter Length  2250mm
  • Brush Diameter  6mm

Valve Brush (Double Ended) Specifications

  • Overall Length  150mm
  • Brush Diameter (Large End)  10mm
  • Brush Diameter (Small End)  5mm
Cleaning Brush
6mm Long (Single Unit)
Code: VIT-SUE-CBL-006
Cleaning Brush Kit
Long brush and valve brush
Code: VIT-SUE-CBS-006
Long brush, valve brush and a toothbrush
Code: VIT-SUE-CBS-007

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