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Jinshan OMOM Capsule Endoscopy

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Since 2004, OMOM Capsule Endoscopy has proven itself to be a platform dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement. Light and compact design coupled with the latest technology in sensors and a 10 hour battery life makes this system an essential component of your clinical practice.

The OMOM System features:

  • Auto pairing of capsule and recorder increases efficiency by removing the need to manually input data.
  • Real time view makes determining the position of capsule possible, at any time.
  • Quick View skips over redundant image sequences increasing efficiency of review.
  • Inbuilt SGIB (suspected GI Bleeding) detection functionality selects images which may be of importance in detecting potential bleeds, bring them to the attention of the physician.
  • Split screen view allows physician to view the data at the same time as writing the report without having to switch between the two.
  • Position of the capsule, including movement and angle can be controlled allowing more comprehensive imaging of the stomach.
Endoscopy Capsule
OMOM Capsule (Single Unit)
Code: JSH-OMM-CAP-001
OMOM Capsule
OMOM Recorder (Single Unit)
Code: JSH-OMM-REC-001

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