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Vitramed Sclerotherapy Needles
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Vitramed Sclerotherapy Needles

Vitramed single-use sclerotherapy needles represent the perfect balance between high performance and value for money.

One of our most popular accessories, our needles are 5mm in length and come in 4 sizes, from 25G through to 20G and are suitable for saline and drug injection, tattooing and gluing. The clear catheter aids in priming as fluids are clearly visible in the catheter. Ergononic handle mechanism provides a more intuitive feel when engaging and disengaging the needle.

Each instrument holds 2ml of fluid with the exception of the 19G which holds 2.1ml.

Market Availability

Available in Australia.
Available in Malaysia.

Vitramed Injection Needles Products

Injection Needle
Injection Needle (5mm length, 20G) (Box of 10)
Injection Needle (5mm length, 22G) (Box of 10)
Injection Needle (5mm length, 23G) (Box of 10)
Injection Needle (5mm length, 25G) (Box of 10)