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Vitramed Single Use Forceps
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Vitramed Single Use Forceps

Cold Biopsy Forceps

Vitramed offer a range of single-use, cold biopsy forceps to suit all budgets and preferences.

Our premium range consists of a standard 4.8mm3, fenestrated, smooth cup forcep and a larger 7.8mm3 alligator cup for those who prefer a larger bite. These forceps are laser cut to ensure a clean bite every time.

We also offer an alternative range of cold forceps featuring incremental markings and having a “softer” feel to the handle mechanism. We offer this style in both standard size smooth cup as well as alligator jaw.

Standard catheter length is 2300mm but other lengths and diameters are available by request.

ARTG No. 177764 and

Hot Biopsy Forceps

Single-use hot biopsy forceps feature a 4.8mm3 fenestrated smooth cup basket with compact quad pole jaw structure. This premium forcep features DuPont Teflon PTFE cable coating for easiest insertion through the channel, excellent electrical insulation and extreme resistance to abrasions, acid or alkaline environments.

ARTG No. 178225

Grasping Forceps

Vitramed grasping forceps

Market Availability

Available in Australia.
Available in Malaysia.

Vitramed Forceps Products

Premium Cold Forcep
Premium Cold Forcep - Large Alligator Jaw (Single Unit)
Premium Cold Forcep - Smooth cup (Single Unit)
Premium Cold Forcep (Dia: 1.8mm, Len: 1.6m) (Single Unit)

Cold Forcep with Markings
Cold Forcep with Markings - Large Alligator Jaw (Single Unit)
Cold Forcep with Markings - Smooth Cup (Single Unit)

Grasping Forcep
Grasping Forcep (Single Unit)