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EndoClot® Submuosal Injection System (SIS)
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EndoClot® Submuosal Injection System (SIS)

EndoClot® Submucosal Injection System (SIS) is a single-use medical device that is composed of Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP®) derived from plant starch particles in a vial and a spiral plunger syringe. EndoClot® SIS provides excellent mucosal lifting, superior elevation and easy delivery.

How Does it Work

Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP) particles (as used in the EndoClot PHS haemostasis system), is mixed with an indicator of your choice and injected using a special spiral syringe resulting in excellent lift.

  • Superior Elevation
  • Fewer Injections
  • Easy Delivery
  • Significant Mucosal Separation
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent Safety Profile

Market Availability

Available in Australia.
Available in Malaysia.
Available in Singapore.

Files and Links

EndoClot SIS Quickstart Reference
2 x A4 PDF diagram showing how to use EndoClot SIS. [471 KB]
EndoClot SIS Brochure
PDF brochure for EndoClot SIS. [820 KB]

EndoClot SIS Products

EndoClot SIS-30 30mL Kit
Endoclot SIS-30 (Box of 5 Kits)
Endoclot SIS-30 plus Injection Needles (Box of 5 Kits plus 5 needles)