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EndoClot® Adhesive
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EndoClot® Adhesive

More than an Effective Hemostatic Powder

EndoClot® Adhesive is the latest innovative haemostatic powder from EndoClot Inc which combines the convenience and effectiveness of a spray on powder with additional benefits, such as mucosal sealing and protection from acid and alkaline conditions in the GI tract, remaining in place for up to three days.

Right photo shows gel-like EndoClot Adhesive clearly observable on the lesion 3 days after ESD compared to day 1 in the left photo.

Mucosal Sealant and Protectant

The new and exciting additional benefit of Adhesive is its ability to seal a bleeding wound. Adhesive makes contact with blood or other fluids and forms a tenacious gel which seals the wound and prevents further bleeding, allowing a clot to form.

When Adhesive is in place, it remains over the area for up to three days protecting it from irritant conditions found in the GIT. It is resistant to both acid and alkaline, protecting the damaged mucosa and allowing healing to occur faster.

Powder Hemostat for Acute Bleeds

EndoClot Adhesive is indicated for capillary, venous and arteriolar oozing in both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

It is composed of synthetic, non-absorbable, hydrophilic particles.

Like the original EndoClot PHS, Adhesive is safe and effective for use in stopping acute bleeding from ulcers, tumors and minimally invasive endoscopic surgery along the entire gastrointestinal tract.

  • Uses the same anti-clogging delivery system as EndoClot PHS
  • Effectively stops oozing bleeds along the entire GI tract
  • Remains in place on the mucosa for up to three days
  • Faster mucosal healing
  • Reduces delayed bleeding

Innovative System Minimises Clogging and Avoids "White-Out"

The EndoClot delivery system involves an air compressor which delivers a constant stream of air, greatly reducing incidence of catheter occlusion due to moisture. There is no need to flush the scope channel with air prior to insertion of the catheter.

This constant stream enables a greatly reduced amount of air to be used at a very low pressure, removing the chance of any “white-out” effect and enabling immediate visualization of the lesion and facilitating a clear view of the field for any further procedures to be carried out, if required.

Market Availability

Available in Australia.
Available in Malaysia.
Available in Singapore.

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