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Ella Extractor
ELLA-CS, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
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Ella Extractor

This medical device serves for retrieval of specific esophageal SX-ELLA stents:

  • SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal (Flexella, Flexella Plus) – Models 06, 07, 06S and 07S.
  • SX-ELLA Stent Esophageal HV (HV Stent, HV Stent Plus) – Model 09 and 09S.
  • SX-ELLA Stent Danis (Danis Stent) - Model 08.
  • Esophageal Stent Danis Seal - Model 11.

The ELLA Extractor consists of two main parts – the bare extractor and the overtube.

Figure 1. Complete Extractor.

The bare extractor is introduced to the implanted stent under endoscopic guidance. Following introduction of the overtube, and all subsequent steps are performed solely under fluoroscopic guidance. The extractor system allows safe removal of esophageal 'SX ELLA' type stents from the esophagus, including those which have migrated into the stomach.

Figure 2. Bare Extractor.

Figure 3. Overtube.

Market Availability

Available in Malaysia.

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