About Vitramed

Vitramed was founded in 2008 in Sydney, Australia as an importer and distributor of gastroenterology related medical devices, accessories and supplements. As we have grown in the region, this focus has enabled us to bring novel medical devices and therapies to the market which make a real and positive difference to patient outcomes and offer our clinical partners valuable complements to their clinical service offerings. Over time Vitramed has added over 20 product lines to our range, originating from a variety of countries.

In the last 3 years, we have expanded to establish a South East Asian office based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a sales office in Singapore to better service the growing number of customers in that region. This has allowed Vitramed to deliver an enhanced sales support service not only for the benefit of our clinical partners but also to better represent our suppliers on a coordinated, regional basis.

Our point of difference is that we often represent device manufacturers or start-ups who have developed their ideas into a novel product for which there may be no current market precedent. Vitramed staff and partners are experienced in evaluating, introducing and supporting unique medical devices in multiple markets and helping them to find their niche. Access to a variety of leading clinical experts and institutions capable of producing research into our products, enable us to generate clinical studies where we feel that local data is needed to better support our products.

At Vitramed we have a culture of always seeking out opportunities and thinking outside the box to support our clinical partners and suppliers alike. We insist on team members having a strong level of knowledge and so each team member is qualified to make decisions which enables us to respond quickly to changes and opportunities as they arise.

We are always looking for enthusiastic, reliable people to join our growing team. If you have an affinity for working with devices and can articulate the reasons you feel you'd be a good fit for our team, please send us an email.