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mCompass Anorectal Manometer
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mCompass Anorectal Manometer

There are millions of people who suffer with either faecal incontinence or chronic constipation however relatively few receive adequate diagnosis or treatment. Rectal manometry, along with balloon expulsion testing, is the primary method of assessing these often overlooked but difficult medical problems.

Anorectal manometry has proven to be a useful tool for a range of specialties including the following:

  • Colorectal Surgeons can offer these exams more easily than before to optimize treatment planning and realize new revenues.
  • Gastroenterologists can also add a critical tool to their practice and treat patients more efficiently and effectively.
  • Primary Care Physicians can discuss incontinence problems and offer precise diagnosis to enhance treatment or refer patients appropriately.
  • Gerontologists can offer a full diagnostic screening to diagnose problems and provide precise treatment the first time.
  • URO/GYNs can more easily distinguish among specific anorectal problems.
  • OBGYNs can minimize risk due to undiscovered damage caused by a complicated vaginal delivery
  • Paediatric Gastroenterologists can use the system to diagnose Hirschprung's Disease.

Uniquely affordable, portable and simple to use the mCompass allows the medical practitioner to conduct diagnostic testing more efficiently and conveniently and can complement your workflow and clinic environment. Biofeedback capability adds a structured therapeutic option. The mCompass system is comprised of 3 elements:

  1. Lightweight tablet with built in WiFi, loaded with the Diagnostic and/or Biofeedback Software Modules.
  2. FOB – pressure sensor containing 5 functional pressure transducers communicates wirelessly with the tablet.
  3. Catheter – a high performance 5 channel disposable catheter with integrated rectal balloon or two channel biofeedback catheter.

Market Availability

Available in Australia.

mCompass Products

mCompass Anorectal Manometry Device
mCompass Anorectal Manometry Device (Single Unit)

mCompass Catheters
mCompass Catheters (Box of 5)

mCompass Biofeedback Catheter
mCompass Biofeedback Catheter (Single Unit)

mCompass Manometer Biofeedback Software Update
mCompass Manometer Biofeedback Software Update (Single Unit)

Flow Control Switch for Diagnostic Catheter
Flow Control Switch for Diagnostic Catheter (Single Unit)