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ElementGold Elemental Diet Food
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ElementGold Elemental Diet Food

ElementGold is a partial elemental diet food in the form of a powder that is mixed with water to form a shake.

ElementGold is blended from high quality ingredients, specifically chosen to provide the nutrition in a form that can be rapidly absorbed whilst minimising triggering of sensitive digestive systems. ElementGold complies with the Australia / New Zealand Food Standards Code, including as a Food for Special Medical Purposes. ElementGold is considered a partial elemental food because in addition to amino acids it also contains protein.

  • A 100g serve mixed with 200mL water provides 1540 KJ (368 kcal)1
  • Contains 27 grams of protein per 100g serve
  • Protein is extracted from whey using the ion-exctraction method for maximum purity
  • Also contains free-form amino acids
  • All vitamins and minerals are of forms and amounts that comply with Food for Special Medical Purposes part of the ANZ food standards code
  • Available in four carefully blended flavours to maximise compliance. Chocolate and Unsweetened Vanilla currently in stock.
  • Unsweetened versions available to allow sweetener of choice to be added

For full information including nutrition tables, ingredients and list of scientific literature visit

1Energy varies slightly between flavours

Market Availability

Available in Australia.
Available in Malaysia.

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